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LGT Wealth& Management- Services

Corporate Advisory

Our Corporate Advisory department offers you a wide range of informed advisory services. With a wealth of experience both locally and abroad, across a variety of industry sectors and asset classes, our team of seasoned professionals will engineer a financial solution that suits your goals.

Mergers and Acquisitions

With a dedicated team of transaction specialists, we are accustom to add value in both the buy and sell side of mergers, acquisitions and divestments.

  • Offer fully managed solutions from initiation to completion
  • Diligent evaluations, able to execute across various industries
  • Source, appoint, manage and negotiate with all relevant parties

Equity Capital Market

Barleeds has a track record of not only assisting, but championing companies through their business lifecycle, transitioning them from private to public. We offer our Clients a range of services

  • Capital raising solutions including IPOs, private placements, secondary offerings and rights issues
  • Advise on capital structure, regulatory requirements, valuation and investor appetite
  • Manage all 3rd parties, including regulators, lawyers and auditors

Corporate Finance Advisory

A tailored solution can enable our clients to set goals, make decisions and mitigate risk when dealing with complex financial transactions in an ever-changing business landscape. Services include

  • Financial restructuring and modeling
  • Business planning and corporate strategy
  • Capital projects consulting

Family Office Solutions

We are also beginning to leverage our corporate expertise to advise on the unique needs of families and their personal wealth and business operations in the region. Our new Family Office Solutions enable our clients to manage and preserve wealth across generations by establishing governance structures needed for continuity and growth.
BARLEEDS, in partnership with leading family office service providers offer

  • Deal execution
  • Family governance
  • Tax planning and corporate services
  • Wealth planning and management

Investment Management

As one of Bahrain’s best performing asset managers, we can deliver.  But our dedication and expertise to meet your exacting needs sets us apart.  Whether it’s choice, with a range of superior funds, or access, to international markets through our Capital Markets investment platform, we offer you opportunities that are not only rewarding, but convenient as well.

Capital Markets

We provide our Clients with access. Access to tap into listed securities across the globe and trade seamlessly in equities, fixed income, derivatives, commodities and currencies with ease. This is made possible by a proprietary software platform that allows them to consolidate and manage their regional and international investments under one account.

  • Access MENA and most major international markets through a single point of contact
  • One statement, outlining the range of transactions and holdings of your individual securities
  • Management of all settlement and custody services provided.

Asset Management

We offer our Clients a choice of superior conventional and Sharia compliant funds. From our first fund in 2006 to our breadth of managed products today, we continue to deliver consistent, top quartile risk-adjusted returns.And for that, we have established our position as one of the leading asset managers in the region, with many of our funds ranked as top performers and winning several industry awards.

In-house Public Funds

Choose from equities, fixed income and money market funds depending on your risk appetite. Our aim is to outperform respective benchmarks and optimize risk-adjusted returns.

Barleeds Bahrain Equity Fund

Barleeds MENA Equity Fund

Barleeds MENA Income Fund

Barleeds Liquidity Fund

Barleeds Funds Performance

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Our Discretionary Portfolio Management platform designs bespoke solutions depending on your risk and return appetite. Our team currently manages several strategies to long only equity, fixed income (Sharia) and balanced mandates.

Custom-made portfolio and weekly access to full view

Direct link with to your portfolio manager

Flexible fee structures

Wealth Management

We recently added our Wealth Management platform, offering our clients access to top performing fund managers overseeing other markets. Our objective is simple: To recruit specialized third-party fund managers that deliver top-quartile international equity to help Clients prosper with a diversified asset allocation.

C-QUADRAT ARTS Total Return Dynamic Fund

C-QUADRAT ARTS Total Return Dynamic Fund

ATA Return-Driven Variable Fund

ATA Return-Driven Variable Fund

Direct Investments

After 10 years of completing a breadth of direct investments in various sectors and markets, we decided to cement this activity as one of BARLEEDS’s strategic pillars to become one of the region’s preferred investment partners.  
Direct Investments was launched to focus on long-term value, with an emphasis on international real estate and mid-sized businesses in the GCC.  Our approach centres on proprietary deal flow, due diligence and aligning our interests with partners and management teams.

Superior risk adjusted returns relative to other asset classes
Access unique investment opportunities
Capture medium to long term themes


Direct Investments is mandated to achieve superior returns for Clients with a particular emphasis on downside protection and the preservation of capital. We are proud that the majority of our Clients have partnered with us for almost a decade.

Investment Approach

We adopt a value-oriented approach, focusing on industries where we have considerable knowledge, emphasizing rigor in transaction execution, due diligence and value creation. Direct Investments will pursue a broad range of transaction types and structures in order to secure the most compelling opportunities.

Investment Criteria

Direct Investments is interested in international, income generating real estate and GCC based growth businesses in select sectors including F&B, healthcare, education, niche manufacturing, value-added distribution, business services and consumer goods. We target direct control-oriented investments.  

Growth Strategies

We only enter into situations where we can add value. Our approach with portfolio companies is centered on partnership. We will leverage our network to build a strong board of portfolio companies and work collaboratively with management on strategic, operational and financial matters. 


The team is continuously active in the sourcing and evaluating potential transactions, and is currently at various stages of due diligence with a select few promising opportunities. Currently the team is at advanced stages of negotiation on several transactions.


Above all, it’s about people and team work. Our investment advisors possess a broad range of transactional, financial, managerial and investment expertise. Our ethos is centered on trust and collaboration towards common goals. At Barleeds Direct Investments, our objective is excellence, or more precisely, constant improvement for you. 


Barleeds Investments is Ready, Willing and Able (RWA) to work with its clients’ investment expectations as relates to Joint Venture (JV) participation or Direct Loan Funding facilitation on any amount that may be of need towards lucrative projects, provided it will guaranty a safe return in terms of “flight to safety” profitability.  

Business Loans
Personal Loans
Very Low Interests


• Joint Venture (JV) participation up to any amounts potential clients are interested in.

• Also available with us is Direct Loan Funding that clients can afford to re-pay back when due.

• Approvals can be received within 1 week upon receipt of the needed documents.

• Disbursement within space of few days’ precedent to our terms and conditions on draw down.

• No amount is too high for us to approve or handle.

• No discrimination of any sort.

• Any country is acceptable to apply.

• Meeting face to face on a Top Table Meeting (TTM) is a must in getting to know our potential clients/customers policy with our organization in signing of all the legal documents with our Attorneys and financial experts.

• Tenure is optional and available towards the range of 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, 7 years, 10 years, 15 years etc., depending on the amount being requested for.

• Annual percentage rates (APR) are in the neighborhood of 3% to 6% maximum.

• Our terms and conditions are very flexible.

• Every serious business minded individuals or corporate entities are welcomed.

• We are genuine, credible, clean and accredited organization whose integrity, records, pedigree in view of its antecedent is not questioned.

Barleeds Investments undoubtedly, is interested to partner with you or make available to your conglomerate group of clients the needed funds, in as much as profit margin will be very attractive in terms of good investment turn over on returns or borrower’s eagerness, seriousness and readiness for repayment of the funds being requested.

Shipping & Haulage

Barleeds Investment's Marine and Logistics division to a diversified customer base across all sectors of the marine industry. Across our network of five offices at major sea ports and terminals our team provides a comprehensive range of services that includes:

Port Agency services

Full vessel husbandry services

P & I Services

Liner Services



Oil & Gas

Barleeds has continued to play a very significant role in marketing and distribution of white fuels and other petroleum products to industrial and commercial customers since its establishment. Specifically, over the years, Barleeds has established itself as a supplier of all types of fuel including: AGO, PMS, DPK, LPFO, HPFO & LPG to industries.
We also import and buy imported cargoes of petroleum products.
Barleeds Petroleum truly provides a "One-Stop-Shop" for oilfield services and only a few medium sized companies in the Middle East can match the resources and range of expertise that Barleeds is able to offer.

The core business of Barleeds Petroleum is in drilling and workover services; well testing; drilling fluids engineering; mud logging; wireline services; coiled tubing, nitrogen & pumping services; and completions & cementing services. By being a multi-services provider, Barleeds Petroleum is uniquely placed along the oilfield services value chain through its in-house capabilities. Depending on the client’s requirements, Barleeds Petroleum can provide services on stand-alone basis or as an integrated package, taking full responsibility of the field throughout its life cycle.

To ensure the integrity of our equipment and to support our oilfield operations and maintain the quality of our assets, Barleeds Petroleum has invested in establishing large workshops. Full logistics and operational support, including rig moving, transport of company-supplied materials, preparation of well programs, materials utilization lists, and support for well entry proposals are provided.

Real Estate

Alongside Development, we also embark on the following,
 Procurement/Acquisition of landed properties
 Letting/leasing
 Sales
 Management

In building and Construction, Barleeds has all it takes to render the following services efficiently,  Survey and site mapping
 General construction and civil works
 Construction of bounding fences, standard chain link fence, gate post and strain
 Ned wire fencing
 Block work construction, roofing and Cladding of Buildings
 Building Finishing, including Acoustic finishing and interior decorations marble and Paladins Floor and Wall Finishing.
 Preparation of Parking areas and general landscaping;
 And General project management.